Plego Technologies has immense experience in PHP Applications, php programming and frameworks.

A framework is necessary so that our developers can structure their code so that it functions as a streamlined and logical web application. We specialize in mvc (model-view-controller) based frameworks.

Most open source frameworks use PHP, which is one of the most commonly used programming languages to create web applications. PHP can be deployed on any web server and on almost every os platform free of charge.

Our php developers can assist you in developing and deploying your ever critical PHP website or web application. We also offer all the possible effective solutions to enhance or upgrade your existing PHP applications.

Over the years, we have been one of the most trusted php companies in Chicago that offer expert PHP consulting services to our customers and provide effective and complete business solutions to meet the demands of their ever growing businesses.

We offer the following PHP services:

  • Develop, implement, install and configure the PHP websites and web applications.
  • Train your system administrators who can help you in the seamless management of your PHP applications.
  • Give you expert guidance through PHP architects and global experts on the development and deployment of the application.

We understand your requirements thoroughly and provide PHP application development services to suit your needs.

Please contact us for our affordable service options.

Below is a list of the frameworks that our team has implemented applications with:

Cakephp, Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend, Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, Aura, Fat-Free, PHP-MVC, Kohana, FuelPHP, Slim.